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New Life Fitness: 

Parenthood does not mean the end of your fitness journey or personal health. No sitter, No Problem!  

Child Care Blocks are offered Monday-Friday: 
*One two hour block per day allotted*
$30 / month (added on to current membership)
$8.00 drop in rate
Sign ups must be completed in the lobby during business hours
* one day kids club pass for $8.00
* renewable through membership portal

New Life Fitness Childcare Rules

We would love to officially welcome you to Kidz Club, where your child is a part of our family while you strive to achieve a healthy, productive and enjoyable life.

Here are a few friendly guidelines:

  • Please keep children home if they are ill. Your child's temperature will be checked at the door before entry. Children with temperatures over 99 degrees Fahrenheit will be turned away.

  • Acknowledge Kids’ Club staff when we come get you for your child’s needs (diaper change, feeding, discipline)

  • Please make sure that your child is rested, has used the restroom, and is fed before coming to gym childcare. We are not authorized to feed your child in our center. Formula, breast milk and water is authorized.

  • Parent/guardian that signs child in must stay in the gym the entire time your child is in Kids’ Club. Any violation of this rule will result in immediate discharge from the facility.

  • Before visit, “drop-in” parents must ensure their Fit Parents Plus membership is in good standing. See a staff member if you are unsure of it's status. 

  • The same parent/guardian must sign the child in and out.

  • No food or drink is allowed other than formula in a bottle or sippy cup, if needed. 

  • Children may bring personal items such as toys, tablets, etc. please take them as you leave.

  • Shoes will not be allowed in the childcare rooms due to the soft flooring. Ensure your child is wearing socks upon arrival.

  • You must fill out a card designating alternate pick-up persons in case of emergency.

  • strollers and car seats may be brought in if space is available. 

  • nlf is not responsible for stolen or lost items. please ensure you take everything home upon your departure from the facility!

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